Grass Fed. Grass Finished.

Three Miller Ranch is a family owned and operated Grass Fed / Grass Finished Cattle ranch in Frankston, Texas. We are currently running 82 head of Simmental and SimAngus cattle on 250 acres just outside of Frankston, Texas.

Tyrone, Heather and John began raising Simmental and SimAngus cattle in 2016 with the plan of providing high quality Grass Fed/Grass Finished beef and seed stock. They attended their first Grass Fed beef course in 2011 in Iola Texas with Gene Sollock and are now hooked! They have studied the greats in Grass Fed beef: Joel Salatin, Greg Judy, Allan Nation, Allen Williams, and many more. Everything done at the ranch is to make things better for the next year and the next generation.

Three Miller Ranch is a believer in regenerative agriculture and strives to avoid all unnecessary inputs by raising our Simmental and SimAngus cattle the old way, on Grass! It takes a little longer to feed cattle out this way, but cattle were designed to eat grass not grain. Three Miller Ranch strives to provide healthy, hearty, delicious beef for our family and yours! The way we do this is through rotational grazing and low stress handling.

Our Grass Fed/Grass Finished cattle get moved to new paddocks daily. They don't sit in the same spot day in and day out. They move to healthy clean grass that is not sprayed with chemical fertilizers or pesticides every single day! Cattle love to move! That's what they were designed to do! In doing so they stay healthier and the land does too! Welcome to Three Miller Ranch!

High Quality & Locally Grown

Three Miller Ranch strives to provide the Highest Quality locally grown grass fed beef. We provide our cattle with fresh pasture daily with daily rotations on our 250 acre ranch just north of Frankston Texas. We do not spray chemicals and utilize nature to improve the forage quality our grass fed cattle consume. If you want to know where your beef comes from, wouldn’t it be nice to drive down the road to see the cattle in motion. Well at Three Miller Ranch you can!

Healthy, Hearty, Delicious

Grass Fed Beef is Healthy, Hearty and Delicious. Grass Fed Beef contains higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids and beta carotene than grain fed beef. The meat is more dense and therefore is a heartier form of beef. In today’s beef production environment where cattlemen are trying to push natures limits they are adding steroid implants and other methods to push the gains on their cattle. Here at Three Miller Ranch you can be sure that our cattle our free of implants and other forms of growth enhancers.


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